101 in 1001

08 Dec

A new year is coming around and it ‘s time to start forgetting the past and looking toward the future. I have decided to put off the 35 in 35 list. You know why, because I feel I am going to think 35 is so far away I will just put off the list off. So I decided to take this on. Starting January 1st, 2012 I will begin my adventure to complete 101 goals by September 28th, 2014. Which is exactly 1001 days away from January 1st. So I have to complete the list I have to do one goal every 10 days about. I didn’t put down many travel goals like go to Africa, which is one of my dreams, because

1. my parents don’t want to go to Africa,

2. I can’t leave the country alone

So I put those dreams for the future and put on fairly accomplishable goals. I will release the list on January 1st. Expect to hear from me because every time I finish a  goal. I am so excited to start. I’ve been wanting to accomplish these things for a long time.

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