About Me

Hi my name is Quinn. I am a high school student on the Eastern Coast. I live in a small town with my mom, dad, and two Springer Spaniels. I have never moved once in my entire life and I crave to see the world and explore the wilderness and cultures of different countries and continents. I have played piano since 2nd grade for fun. I have played softball since t-ball when I was about who-knows-how-old. I currently play 1st, pitcher, and I dabble in outfield. I did karate from about 2nd grade to 6th but stopped because I was embarrassed to be one of the few oldest girls in that sports. I stopped one belt before black belt. I wish I kept going but I also knew it wasn’t for me when I despised going to sparring lessons on Thursdays. I was a tall girl for my age and I used by strength and lack of talent to create uncontrollably hard kicks for my younger quicker opponents. Questioning the purpose of sparring and finding no enjoyment in it, I dreaded going to sparring practice. Anyway, I quit. Then for my freshmen year I tried crosscountry and realized I stink at running. I probably should have taken the hint when I would breathe too shallow and start wheezing in the middle of a few intense practices.


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