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This was my art midterm drawing assignment. 1/3 of it needed to be stippled in sharpie, 1/3 in lign design and 1/3 by shading. I think I feel in love with the clock and the stippled portion. I am not to find of the lign design ( left side.) Especially, my grandfathers model airplane which as signifigent importance to me. However, I was running low on time and had to rush. The clock is hands is just after twevle because I wanted to symbolize time after an event. Or maybe that we are only consious after an important moment, never during. What do you think?

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Stippling away!

For the last 10 days, which is most of my entire winter break I have been stippling away to create this picture. In my art class, my art teacher assigned us to draw mittens or gloves with markers by stippling. The entire class gave a low moan. Stippling is an art technique of making tiny dots and making art out of these dots.

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Hannah, The Christmas Present

This is a drawing of my springer spaniel, Hannah. This was drawn from a photo in colored pencil. She was about to chase down a squirel as I took this picture. I framed it and gave it to my dad as a Christmas present. He loved it. Any critique is welcomed.

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Advancement in Technology

ABOUT Duct Tape is a vinyl tape with embedded cotton threads to give added durability and strength. It can be torn to length without tools and is very strong and sticky.

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Progress in 5 months (past drawings)


Ronnie + Will

Not my best work . I probably shouldn’t even be posting it since it is so awful, but I wanted to show you my starting point.


Taylor Swift

Easily my favorite of all of these drawings.


Alice from Twilight

Not my favorite drawing or my favorite book for that matter but I like how I was learning about shading in this drawing.


Sam Temple from Gone

I find his profile enchanting when looking at the cover of Gone as I read through it. I just adore this drawing I did. Well, everything but the lips.

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A Linus Christmas

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New drawings of Still Life

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