Starting 365 Photo Challenge

I have started the 365 day photo challenge.

Here is yesterday’s photo.

It’s a picture taken of a bell ornament on my Christmas tree before we took the tree down.

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See a 100 dollar Bill: Antsy to start

I have just realised my list of 101 goals in 1001 days and I have already jumped the gun. While I was thinking about goals to put on the list I showed my dad it. A few days later, on the 21st of December he showed me a 100 dollar bill. I am going to count it, of course. My thoughts are even if it was before January 1st, I think it still happened and one more thing that I wanted to complete in my lifetime. Any one starting early on there 2012 goals?

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101 Goals in 1001 days

So starting on January 1st 2012 I will have until September 28, 2014 to complete 101 goals in 1001 days.Tell me about your goals for 2012. Are you ready for the fresh start?


  • Photograph an endangered animal
  • plant a garden
  • Subscribe to National Geographic
  • visit the grand canyon
  • watch a meteor shower
  • visit statue of liberty, visit New York
  • watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
  • go to a botanical garden
  • Go to an observatory
  • Visit a state I have never been to

Entertainment/Random fun

  • See a concert
  •  Do 30 day song challenge
  • attend the midnight primere to a movie
  • build a gingerbread house
  • go to a (clean) comedy show
  • have pictures taken by photo booth
  • visit wizarding world of Harry Potter at Disney
  • walk through corn maze
  • dance in the rain with someone
  • Perfect my high dive
  • Build a sundial
  • jump into water fully clothed
  • start a new tradition
  • Go on a picnic
  • Go christmas Caroling
  • write a new list for next 1001 days
  • Throw a party
  • finish a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle
  • watch a musical
  • build a snowman
  • take another skiing trip


  • Knit a scarf
  • Learn how to french braid
  • do an hour of piano each day for a month
  • learn to play a song on guitar
  • make an origami crane
  • continue to draw and post art once a week
  • try glass blowing
  • try to use a fountain pen
  • Design and sew a dress
  • go puddle jumping ( New favorite hobby)
  • learn sign language alphabet
  • Thow a fastball at 60 mph in softball
  • Learn how to play the harmonica
  • Write a poem
  • Write a 1000 words a day for a month
  • Learn basics of photography
  • Learn how to knit a scarf (and then make one)
  • Learn how to french braid
  • take 365 picture challenge
  • learn to play tennis
  • Create a cook book of healthy recipes
  • Build something out of wood
  • make my family tree
  • draw 50 drawings in a year
  • go for another surfing lesson

Education/ Future (ahh)

  • visit Annapolis
  • Do some volunteer work
  • expan vocabulary by 101 words for SAT’s
  • participate in a charity
  • Take driving lessons
  • volunteer in a soap kitchen
  • Learn CPR
  • find a summer job
  • put in $1 for each task completed to spend at end (if all completed $101 to spend. Yes!)


    • Read Looking for Alaska
    • Read The Help
    • read 101 books


  • run a 10k
  • be able to do 10 pull ups
  • take a yoga class
  • go ice skating
  • do 100 consecutive push ups
  • Get fit enough to pass Marine fitness test
  • go bike riding for a day
  • take KP and Hannah for a walk every day for 2 weeks


  • meet 5 new people

Personal achievement/ Improvement

  • write a letter to myself to open in 1001 days
  • answer the 50 questions that will free your mind
  • tie a note to a balloon and let it go
  • carve my name in a tree
  • write all bad memories on a piece of paper and burn it
  •  make a list of 100 things I am grateful of
  • See an 100 dollar bill
  • list of 100 songs i love
  • keep a diary for one year
  • Go Computer free for a week
  • fix a wrong from past
  • Improve posture
  • Go a week without TV
  • go to bed before 10 pm for a month
  • Don’t use Facebook for a month


  • take a cooking class
  • give up chocolate for a month
  • make hummus
  • go a month without junk food
  • Eat a food I have never tried before
  • make my own sushi
  • Try 10 new recipes


  • clean out my bedroom closet
  • paint my bathroom
  • redecorate room
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Hannah, The Christmas Present

This is a drawing of my springer spaniel, Hannah. This was drawn from a photo in colored pencil. She was about to chase down a squirel as I took this picture. I framed it and gave it to my dad as a Christmas present. He loved it. Any critique is welcomed.

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Tips to Not Overdue a Holiday Party

Christmas is just around the corner and this is where every one indulges. Where this indulgence ends depends on will power and how delicious Aunt Susie’s cookies look.

Tips and Tricks

1. Never go hungry. This is really important. I don’t believe in skipping meals. Always eat breakfast, even if it is a small bowl of ceral. Don’t think if you have a small breakfast and lunch you can counter balance a big dinner. It doesn’t work like that. Because you burn more energy during the day than when your asleep, you need more calories. If you have a nutritious breakfast like a omlet and for lunch a salad with chicken and some fruit, your good to go.

2. Avoid the kitchen. I know it’s hard and I bet people mingle there often. Try and mingle with the other family members in the other rooms of the house. Play some pool or darts downstairs inbetween dinner and presents.

3. Eat slowly. This tip really works for me. But to do it right you have to slow it down so you can count 5 bites and then swallow. Tedious but it will help you from eating extra servings.

4. Drink water. I usually drink water with every meal but my dad likes to use sparkling water with lime. He says water is boring.

5. If you are going to indulge yourself, do it. Don’t eat the small cookie and a heshery kiss and then eat what you were really looking for, a slice of pumpkin pie. Know what you want to indulge on. Savor it and only have one serving. The best solution is settling on fruit. But I don’t usually do that either.

6. Exercise. Before and after the holidays mix in some cardio and strength to equal it out. I recommend if your a girl. She is a volleyball player/model. Look under fitness, then train 360 system, then train 360 weekly plans.

Holiday Foods

  • Roasted Turkey – 6 oz mixed meat, untrimmed:
350 calories
  • 1 cup stuffing:
340 calories
  • 3/4 cup turkey gravy
375 calories
  • 1 cup mashed potatoes:
240 calories
  • 3/4 cup candied sweet potatoes:
365 calories
  • 1 cup green bean casserole (one of my favorites)
180 calories
  • 1/2 cup cranberry sauce:
210 calories
  • 1 roll with butter:
120 calories
  • 2 glasses wine, punch or cider:
200-250 calories
  • 1 slice pumpkin pie with whipped cream:
500 calories
  • 1 slice pecan pie:
500 calories
  • 1 cup Egg Nog:
400 calories
  • 1 serving (3.5 oz) peanut brittle:
485 calories
  • Lindt chocolate truffle ball:
80-90 calories
  • 2 shots (3 fl oz) liqueur:
300 calories
  • 2 small shortbread cookies (1.2 oz)(mmmm…cookie)
120 calories
  • 2 small pieces fudge (1.2 oz):

140 calories

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Advancement in Technology

ABOUT Duct Tape is a vinyl tape with embedded cotton threads to give added durability and strength. It can be torn to length without tools and is very strong and sticky.

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Winter Wonderland or Green Christmas?

Every December, I feel my inner 8 year old come out. The house becomes cozy at night as we gather around the fireplace. The Christmas tree is set in the corner and the neighborhood is a glow with lights. I greet family that only see about twice a year and everyone is catching up. In my head, the icing on top the cake to make the perfect Christmas is a layer of white outside my window. I plead every year for this white Christmas but the chance are always so unlikely. Living in New Jersey we usually don’t get snow until January. To get in the holiday spirit I want you to share your favorite thing about Christmas and do you think you are going to have a white Christmas this year.

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