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Diary Sneak Peak Trial

I thought I would try out giving an entry from my journal to show you. I have been writing in my journal since December 6th, 2011 every night. It’s just a trial so tell me if you want to hear more or you’re just not interested.

From January 2nd, 2012                                                                                              11:02 PM

How much goes unnoticed to the human mind? Do we go through life with one eye open? I have been having a trial with myself. I am trying to go through the day being observant and noticing small changes in people. I just saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Sitting in the buttery aroma of the dark theatre, I felt inspired. I have always wondered what can be learned about life from simply observing.

Another fictional character that has fascinated me is Alaska Young, from John Green’s hit book, Looking for Alaska. She is impulsive, moody, and a bad ass kind of girl. The true feature that she holds is her spirit. She’s extremely passionate, wild, playful, and unpredictable. She contrasts with my predictable, studious, shy, serious personality. I can’t explain but sometimes I wish I held some of these qualities. Nevertheless, if I have learned only one thing from Alaska Young it is this, I am not going to wish for something I am not. I am either going to do it or just stop wishing. Wishing is for chumps.

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