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Li Shang VS Prince Eric

Now I am warning you that I am going to be very thorough and take this way too seriously. 

Li Shang

Pros: hunky, smart, loyal, a leader, good friend

Cons: new at romance, stick-to-the-book-kind-of-a-guy, influenced by cultural stereotypes about women

The movie, Mulan, takes place in Ancient China where cultural norm was women were stereotyped to be a good housewife while the men go off to fight. Shang is the general of the army and after meeting her as a boy Shang sends Mulan (Ping) home for being a troublemaker and lacking in speed, endurance, and agility. But after seeing her climb a pole with weights wrapped around her, he lets her rejoin. Mulan feels sympathy for Shang when his father dies. Mulan saves him when he is falling off a cliff. Shang relieves Mulan when he finds out she is a girl. In most cases if a woman is found in the army, the punishment is death. Since Shang felt close to Mulan and she saved his life, he sent her home. When Mulan tries to save the Emperor, Shang joins her (showing faith in her and forgiveness for lying). When she is fighting the villain, he steps in to save her… then is knocked unconscious. The only romantic scene in that movie was when he brings over the sword to Mulan and asks if he can stay for dinner where he is shy and uncomfortable. Obviously they were good friends in the army but there isn’t really a hint if he’s boyfriend material. Although it would be weird if he liked her as a boy.

Prince Eric

Pros: Hunky, adventurous, rich, makes romantic good first dates, helps out strangers (could be perceived as a con)

Cons: can carry the conversation without a word from the other person, will dump a girl when he gets a better offer, dates base on beauty and helplessness, cautious to make 1st move (can be a pro), doesn’t value a girl to be a good friend first

Prince Eric lives in a kingdom by the sea. He’s an only child and he’s serviced 24/7. His parents and the entire kingdom want him to settle down with a wife soon. But he is looking for the girl for him. So begins with him sailing into a storm and searching for adventure. When his ship catches fire, he goes back to save his dog. WHen he sees this practically naked mute girl on the beach, he invites her to stay with him in a castle. He then decides to take her out dancing and horseback riding. When Ariel tries to get Eric to kiss her, he’s shy and cautious. The only reason he showed interest in Ariel was because she was pretty and well..didn’t seem that bright. I mean by that she seemed not bright because she was ignorant to anything everything human. Suddenly the evil Ursurla turns herself into a pretty girl and uses Ariel’s voice to put Eric under a spell and marry her. Obviously, Eric wasn’t in love with Ariel because Disney tells us true love can break any spell. When Ariel crashes the wedding, Ariel ends up destroying the necklace and the witch with the trighton.  When they grow up and get married, they have Melody. Sick of her parents poofy parties and craving for adventure, she runs away. Oh and I must remind you the original story was a Grimm’s fairy tale where Prince Eric actually marries another girl and Ariel turns into the foam of the sea.


Winner: LI SHANG!!

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Disney’s Top Prince list for Best Boyfriend

This entire post was inspired by SparkNotes Best Disney Boyfriend Contest. I thought their reasons behind their decisions was not well thoughtout. So I thought I would redo their contest from my perspective at Round 2 because I agree with most of the decisions made in round 1. Now I am a natural perfectionist and thorough. These decisons are going to be WORDY. But hey I am not perfect. If you disagree and I love a good debate, I would love to hear your reasons why. So let the games begin!


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