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Alternative to running in the dark

I looked outside at the miserable landscape.¬†Rain drizzled¬†at 4: 50 and said eww. So instead I ran on the elliptical for 30:00 minutes. I set up my little TV and watched Journey’s Greatest Hits DVD. I know Journey is way before my time but I am love with the music. However, I don’t understand why Steve Perry had such long hair.

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Run 12/4/11

Against my utter most will, I ran my long run today…. 3 miles. Ok so in the first week of my plan the long runs are rather short but I know it will get tougher. My longest run of this plan will be on June 2nd. A 13 mile run. Uggghhh. I don’t even know where to go for 13 miles. That would be 13 times around the neighborhood. Ick. Anyway, what was I talking about. Oh, right my run today. So today I did a neighborhood loop and a 2 mile trail loop. I ran the 3.03 miles in 26:00 which is a pace 8:34 per mile. It is not my fastest time ever but hey my smartcoach by runnersworld said I should shoot for a pace of 10:36. So techancially I passed with flying colors.

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Run on 11.28.11

I ran 2.37 miles in 20:30 minutes which is a pace of 8: 39. Pretty good considering I was supposed do 2 miles with a pace of 10:31. Yeah, I am starting think this program is too easy. Well I will see how it goes.

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